About Us

The Clean Energy Education center(s) are re-purposed schools or buildings designed and set up to house an Education Center where people can come to learn about clean energy technology, sustainable systems and all developments in the clean energy fields of discovery.   We envision that in partnership with Governments and the private sector the Clean Energy Centers will be open to the public fueling the future in Clean Energy enhancements. Each visitor to the Clean Energy Center will be able to engage, hands on with technology, systems, ideas and displays.  School aged children and teens will tour the facilities as part of a science program or field trip. The goal being to imprint youth with the importance of sustainable clean energy and to provide showcase for the technology and ideas that will serve tomorrows energy needs.   

Our mission statement The goal of Clean Energy Education, Ltd. (CEE) is to help bring all forms of renewable and clean energy technology into the mainstream of the American economy and lifestyle through information, education and hands-on demonstrations.

The share of U.S. electricity produced by renewable and clean energy has grown exponentially in recent years and now renewables generate more electric power than do nuclear plants. As costs of the various technologies drop and state and federal policies adapt to support consumer demands, the federal government forecasts that renewables could provide 28 percent of America’s electricity in 2030, versus around 12 percent today.

Polling has repeatedly shown that the millennial generation (18-34) is strongly in support of renewable energy technologies and the ability to help control their energy choices.

With a focus on youth, CEE aims to imprint tomorrow’s leaders with the importance of sustainable energy and renewable energy sources so that America leads the world in clean energy production and use.